Practice Exam: AWS certified solutions architect associate

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1) You want to move your documents onto AWS for immediate availability. Which AWS component will you make use of?
a) EC2
b) Cloudfront
c) S3
d) Amazon Glacier
Answer : c
Explanation : Amazon S3 is where we need to upload the document onto for immediate access

2) What is a virtual machine image called in AWS?
a) EC2
b) Cloudwatch
c) Redshift
d) Kinmetrics
Answer : EC2
Explanation : AWS EC2 is the virtual image that is available by default in AWS library. Depending on requirement these virtual machine templates pre-built with proper OS, 32-bit/64-bit version, storage capacity etc makes it a choice to be deployed as part of free tier or on paid basis

3) You have been asked to choose appropriate EBS storage volume that can also act as boot volume for your application with about 3000 IOPS. Which one will you use?
a) HDD
b) SSD
c) Flash drive
d) USB
Answer : b
Explanation : In AWS always SSD can function as boot volume. HDD can’t be a boot volume. Boot volume can be general purpose SSD (or) provisioned IOPS SSD

4) Amazon S3 storage classes can be which of following?
a) Normal
b) standard
c) custom
d) reduced redundancy
Answer : b,d
Explanation : Once an objects gets stored in AWS S3 storage, storage class is assigned to these objects depending on criticality. Default storage class is standard storage

5) Where are thumbnails stored in Amazon S3?
a) Reduced redundancy storage
b) standard storage
c) Elastic cache
d) Amazon glacier
Answer : a
Reduced redundancy storage is used to store easily reproducible thumbnails owing to its cost effectiveness

6) You just uploaded your file onto AWS. You want this upload to trigger an associated job in hadoop ecosystem. Which AWS components can help with this requirement?
a) Amazon S3
b) SMS
c) SQS
d) SNS
e) Ec2
Answer : a,c,d
Explanation: In AWS a file is uploaded onto Amazon S3 bucket. this upload action will send event notifications. The event notifications are delivered by SQS, SNS.The S3 event notification can be directly send to amazon lambda as well. Once the lambda receives event notification in one of these methods it triggers workflows, alerts or other automated processing including start of job

7) What does cloudformation init script does?
a) Fetch and parse metadata from AWS:cloudformation::init key
b) Install packages
c) compress logs
d) Write files to disk
e) Enable/disable services
f) Start (or) stop services
Answer : a,b,d,e,f
Explanation : The cfn-init is the helper script that reads template metadata from the AWS::CloudFormation::Init key and acts accordingly . The AWS::Cloudformation::init key includes metadata on amazon EC2 instance

8) What is the use of AWS cloud formation list-stacks command?
a) 90 days history on all activity on stacks
b) List of all stacks that you have created
c) List of all stacks that you have deleted
d) List of all stacks that you have created or deleted upto 90 days ago
Answer : d
Explanation : list-stack helps us get list of all stacks created or deleted by us in last 90 days. There is a filtering option to filter based on stack status such as CREATE_COMPLETE, DELETE_COMPLETE. Stack information including the name, stack identifier, template, and status of both created, currently running, stacks deleted in last 90 days is available as result of running this command

9) What is amazon SWF?
a) Task management and task coordinator service
b) Storage service
c) Scheduling service
d) Provisioning service
Answer : a
Explanation : Amazon simple workflow service is a state tracker and task coordinator service in cloud

10) What are the considerations while creating amazon S3 bucket?
a) Bucket name should not already exist
b) Bucket name can already exist, suffix is automatically added internally
c) The bucket name should be all in lower case
d) Bucket name should be all in upper case
Answer : a,c
Explanation: While creating amazon S3 bucket the bucket name should be all lower case, bucket name should be unique and should not already exist
11) I’m creating an amazon S3 bucket from US standard region. Can I make it mixed case?

a) Yes. Mixed case is permitted in US standard region
b) No. Mixed case is not permitted in US standard region
c) No. Mixed case is not permitted. It should be all lower case in any region
d) Yes. Mixed case is permitted in all regions of AWS
Answer : c
Explanation: Amazon S3 buckets should be all lower case. This is across all AWS regions and not specific to Us standard region etc

12) Your employer is asking you to recommend AWS service to store infrequently accessed data and data archives. which one will you recommend?
a) S3
b) S3 redundant raid
c) Amazon glacier
d) S3 standard storage
Answer : c

13) Your organization stores critical data that needs to be patented onto S3. An accidental deletion of this information leads to data loss. You employer enquires you to determine what could have been done to avoid accidental data loss in s3. What is your answer?
a) S3 data should be accessed from infrequently accessed storage
b) Make sure data on S3 can only be accessed using signed URL’s
c) IAM bucket policy to disable deletes could have been created and applied onto S3 buckets
d) S3 bucket versioning could have been enabled and multifactor authentication could have been enabled on bucket
Answer : d

14) You are the DBA in AWS team. You have been asked to come up with estimate on data transfer charge from primary RDS to secondary RDS instance. Is this really expensive?
a) No. There is no charge associated with this action
b) Yes. This is two times the standard data transfer charge
c) No. The rate is same as standard data transfer charge
d) Yes. The rate is x times the number of secondary instances
Answer : a

15) DynamoDB is a relational database. Is this true or false
a) True
b) False
c) This is object oriented database
d) Hybrid database
Answer : b
Explanation : DynamoDB is a non-relational database

16) What is a QuickSight dashboard?
a) A QuickSight Dashboard is a read-only view into the data
b) A QuickSight Dashboard is a read-write view into the data
c) A QuickSight Dashboard is a write-only view into the data
d) None of the above
Answer: a

17) Can a A Jupyter Notebook contain live code
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: a

18) How will you accomplish extra capacity with additional CPU and RAM in EMR?
a) By adding more core nodes
b) By adding more task nodes
c) By adding more taco nodes
Answer: b

19) For large batch processing which is the recommended option?
a) Hive
b) Spark
c) Splunk
Answer: a

20) Your project makes use of batch processing. Can you make use of spark?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: b
Explanation : For large batch jobs using spark is not recommended as it consumes lot of memory

21) When deploying databases on your EC2 instances, AWS recommends that you deploy on magnetic storage rather than SSD storage if you need better performance. Will this yield better performance?
a) True
b) False
Answer: b
Explanation : In general SSD the solid state devices are the fastest and are utilized in high throughput environment like SAP, highly transactional environments like OLTP

22) When you encrypt a Redshift cluster what happens to the data blocks and system metadata ?
a) They retain their original state and are not encrypted
b) They are encrypted for the cluster and its snapshots
c) None of the above
Answer : b

23) Does AWS Key Management Service supports both symmetric and asymmetric encryption
a) Yes
b) No
Answer : b
Explanation : Only symmetric encryption is supported in AWS key management service

24) You encounter an issue wherein one of the resources in a CloudFormation stack cannot be created. Automatic rollback on error the default setting is intact. What will happen in this scenario?
a) Resource creation continues
b) previously created resources are deleted
c) stack creation continues
d) stack creation terminates
Answer : b,d

25) Do you know what AWS products and features can be deployed by Elastic Beanstalk?
a) SNS service
b) SQS service
c) Elastic Load balancers aka ELB
d) Auto scaling groups
e) database migration tools
f) RDS instances
Answer : c,d,f

26) You have to restrict access to data in S3. How can you achieve this?
a) Using SSE-s3
b) Using ASE
c) S3 bucket policy can be set for security purposes
d) S3 ACL can be set on the bucket or the object
Answer : c,d

27) How can you enable client web applications that are loaded in one domain to interact with resources in a different domain?
a) Enabling multi-zone availability
b) By including IP address of both domains in .htaccess files of both of them
c) AWS S3 CORS configuration
d) All of the above
Answer : c

28) How will you verify that CORS configuration is set on the bucket?
a) AWS S3 console shows Edit CORS Configuration link in the Permissions section of the Properties bucket
b) AWS S3 console shows Show CORS Configuration link in the Permissions section of the Properties bucket
c) AWS glacier console
Answer : a

29) How will you enable cross origin resource sharing in S3?
a) AWS Management Console
b) AWS SDK for Java
c) AWS SDK for .NET
e) None of the above
Answer : a,b,c,d

30) Your project reads information from dynamodb tables that have provisioned throughput enabled by default. Is the provisioned throughput impacted by consistency model ?
a) Strongly consistent reads uses more provisioned read throughput than eventually consistent reads
b) Strongly consistent reads uses less provisioned read throughput than eventually consistent reads
c) Eventual consistent reads uses more provisioned throughput than strongly consistent reads
d) None of the above

31) Which among the following are valid SNS delivery transports?
c) SMS
d) UDP and named pipes
Answer : b,c

31) You have been asked to transfer a reserved instance from one Availability Zone to another. can you do that?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer : a

32) You have been asked to copy amazon machine image across regions? Can you accomplish that?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: a
Explanation : It is possible to copy AMI within as well as across AWS region. This is possible using AWS management console, AWS CLI or SDKs

33) You are utilizing tools like AWS management console to copy AMI across regions. Which action is internally made use of for this purpose?
a) MoveImage
b) CopyImage
c) MigrateImage
d) DumpImage
Answer: b

34) What types of AMI’s can be copied as part of CopyImage action?
a) EBS-backed AMI’s
b) instance store-backed AMI’s
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above
Answer: c

35) You have an AMI with encrypted snapshot. Will you be able to copy that using CopyImage action?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: a

36) You are in process of creating AMI. Which API call is internally triggered during this process?
a) CreateImage
b) RegisterImage
c) ami-store-image
d) ami-deploy image
Answer: b

37) Can you have 1 subnet stretched across multiple availability zones?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: b

38) You are trying to upload a 10GB file to S3. You keep getting the following error message “Your proposed upload exceeds the maximum allowed object size.”. How will you handle this?
a) Design your application to use the Multipart Upload API for all objects
b) Design your application to use small size objects
c) Modify s3 configuration parameter to upload larger value
d) Modify S3 bucket properties to 1TB
Answer: a

39) How will you enable encryption at rest using EC2 and Elastic Block Store?
a) Configure encryption when creating the EC2
b) Configure encryption when creating the EBS volume
c) Configure encryption when installing OS
d) Configure encryption using X.509 certificates
Answer: b

40) From which IP address will you retrieve instance metadata or userdata ?
Answer : a

41) You have an application that makes use of automated name tagging mechanism. Your app runs in fleet of EC2 instances. The digital products to be name tagged are sent via SQS queue. During thanks giving season your sales grows more than expected. The best thing comes with cost of backlog of products in queue. You need to add eC2 instances in cost efficient way to take care of name tagging without delay until the festival sale ends. Which type of instance will you go for in this case?
a) Dedicated instances
b) Reserved instances
c) Spot instances
d) on-demand instances
Answer: c

42) You are designing an application that should serve digital e-books only to paid users in a website. Upon testing you see that instead of front-end users access the books directly from S3 bucket via URL. How can you fix it today?
a) Make use of cloudformation to serve this static content
b) Store the content in EBS instead of S3
c) Make use of glacier
d) Remove the ability for books to be served publicly to the site and then use signed URLs with expiry dates
Answer: d

43) How will you deliver event notifications to AWS Lambda?
a) AWS S3, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS
b) AWS S3, Amazon SQS
c) Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS
d) Amazon SNS
Answer: a

44) Which metric provides a count of the total number of requests that are pending submission (ie) queued for a registered instance?
a) SurgeQueueLength
b) HTTPCode_BackEnd_3XX
c) HTTPCode_BackEnd_4XX
d) HTTPCode_BackEnd_5XX
Answer: a

45) I’ve saved my files in S3. How durable are they?
a) 99.999999999%
b) 99.99999999%
c) 99.9999999%
d) 99%
Answer : a
Explanation: As a easy memory trick remember 99. nine 9’s. Count it for double confirmation ?

46) You are making use of oracle database in AWS RDS. Your performance tuning team recommended change of parallel_processes parameter followed by instance reboot to bring down CPU spike in production environment. Currently you have multi-AZ deployment in place. Can you reboot this oracle instance now?
a) Yes
b) No. Reboot not allowed in RDS
Answer : a
Explanation : It is possible as multi-AZ will failover the instance onto standby database, update DNS as reboot with failover is allowed by multi-AZ

47) Your manager asked you to test oracle RDS high availability. Is it possible to force a failover of oracle RDS configured in multi-AZ?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer : a

48) You have access to AWS CLI and have been asked to reboot the RDS instance with forced failover. You have oracle RDS to work with now. How will you accomplish that?
a) reboot-db-instance –db-instance-identifier ORACLE_SID –force-failover
b) restart-db-instance –db-instance-identifier ORACLE_SID –force-failover
c) shutdown-db-instance –db-instance-identifier ORACLE_SID –force-failover
d) switch-db-instance –db-instance-identifier ORACLE_SID –force-failover
Answer : a

49) You have created a new security group. Is all outbound traffic allowed by default?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer : a
Explanation : By default, a security group includes an outbound rule that allows all outbound traffic

50) You have been asked to choose an instance that are designed to provide moderate baseline performance and the capability to burst to significantly higher performance as required by your workload. Which one will you choose?
a) T2 instances
b) Compute Optimized Instances
c) Memory Optimized Instances
d) Storage Optimized Instances
Answer : a

51) You are looking for an instance that offers small amount of consistent CPU resources and allow you to increase CPU capacity in short bursts when additional cycles are available. Which one will you choose?
a) T2 instances
b) Compute Optimized Instances
c) Memory Optimized Instances
d) T1 Micro Instances
Answer : d

52) Where are individualized instances provisioned?
a) Regions
b) Availability Zones
c) Globally
Answer : b

53) You have to assign your own metadata that will help you manage your Amazon EC2 instances . Which form will you make use of?
a) Tags
b) Wildcards
c) Certificates
d) Notes
Answer :a

54) To save administration headaches, Amazon recommends that you leave all security groups in web facing subnets open on port 22 to CIDR. That way, you can connect where ever you are in the world. Is this correct?
a) True
b) False
Answer : b
Explanation : This will be security issue

55) Your client asks you to create a bucket in the name of their company. Your client is based out of korea and you try to create a bucket with same name in korean region. You come to know that this bucket name has already been taken. What can you do?​
a) ​Create this bucket is net closest region
b) ​Create this bucket in american region as the bucket names can be duplicated internally
c) ​bucket names are global and not regional. It is not possible to create one. Notify the client and create a new name
d) Create bucket in paris region​
Answer : c

56) Which AWS service is designed for long term data archival​?
a) S3 buckets​
b) ​EBS storage
c) ​Glacier
d) ​Stackbox
Answer : c

57) Under what circumstances will you choose S3 RRS over S3 standard storage?
a) store critical, reproducible data at higher levels of redundancy
b) store critical, reproducible data at lower levels of redundancy
c) store non-critical, reproducible data at higher levels of redundancy
d) store noncritical, reproducible data at lower levels of redundancy
Answer : d

58) Under which SLA does Amazon S3 RRS work?
a) No SLA
b) Amazon glacier SLA
c) Amazon RRS SLA
d) Amazon S3 SLA
Answer : d

59) Your project makes use of RRS. You have made a decision to expand business in multiple zones. Can RRS sustain this data requirement?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer : b
Explanation : RRS is designed to sustain the loss of data at a single facility

60) What are the durability and availability percentages associated within design of S3 RRS?
a) 99.99%, 99.99%
b) 99.90%,99.90%
c) 99%,99%
d) 99.09%,99.09%
Answer : a