What Wand Would Choose Me Quiz

What Wand Would Choose Me Quiz. It’s an important part of every wizard’s cache of spells, from harry potter to severus snape. J.k rowling herself first created the original test.

Congratulations! zeke scooped up the box from which the wand had come, and held it out so it could be boxed up and rung up, all the while launching into his spiel. What would your wand be in the harry potter universe? Garrick ollivander is the famous person who makes wands and says the wand chooses the wizard., but here you get to choose yours.

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It is about to smash, crush and tear several irreplaceable items and treasures, including a cure for dragon pox, which the headmaster has nearly perfected; Make additions to your wand if you wish. If you want to create a friendship token or you wish to incorporate your wand into religious ceremonies, you may wish to add items that carry significant meanings for you.

The Quiz Consists Of Eight Questions (Seven Before.

(“what major is right for me”) your top 10 country to live in quiz what u.s. Not only did you choose this wand, but it chose you too. A troll has gone berserk in the headmaster’s study at hogwarts.

Rowling On The Pottermore Website.

The goal of the questionary is to define the right wand for hp fans. Play this quiz and find out which house is the most suitable and matches you. Student records going back 1000 years and a mysterious handwritten book full of strange runes, believed to have belonged to merlin.

Use These Items And Rub Them Over The Wand.

Which harry potter main character are you? Originally, the player would take the quiz to be sorted in the third moment of harry potter and the philosopher's stone; Build a burrito and i'll tell you what your kotlc ability is.

Wrap Copper Or Silver Wire Around The Wand To Give It More Strength.

After looking into it, fleur is the only known. This section is for if you got any of the ron weasley trivia questions wrong. I've labeled each question in case you wish to take the shorter version of this quiz, just answer one of each of the seven questions.