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Name This Disney Movie Quiz Answers

Name This Disney Movie Quiz Answers. 130 movie and tv quiz questions to put your friends and family to the test. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Ursula is a character in ‘cinderella’. We are glad to help you out and thank you for visiting our page, keep coming for more such article in the future as well. Did you know that psycho is the first american movie to feature a toilet flushing?

Disney In The 90S Movie Quiz Questions And Answers The 90S Wasn’t Just A Decade Full Of Blockbuster Dramas And Thrilling Action Movies But The Heyday Of The Humble Animated Film, And Heaps Of Famous Disney Features.

Get that popcorn ready, we’ve got all the quizzes about movies you’re looking for. These questions are pretty amazing, you can also ask these questions to your friends or family and especially those who think they know everything related to disney! This movie quiz contains questions and answers about special events that occurred off the movie screen.

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Mulan Is Set In Japan.

Auguste gusteau is remy’s idol in ‘ratatouille’. In the french new wave’s most successful film, jeanne moreau’s character (catherine) falls in love with two men, jules and jim. A comprehensive database of more than 131 disney quizzes online, test your knowledge with disney quiz questions.

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We hope that your kid would be able to know many fun kid movie trivia questions and answers here. Please remember quiz diva could change this disney movie test in the future. Fun ideas to use the disney movie emoji quiz printable.

100 Multiple Choice Trivia Questions And Answers For Your Next Quiz Night Round 3:

Ursula is a character in ‘cinderella’. What was the original name that walt disney wanted mickey mouse to be called? From the disney classics to pixar and animated favourites.

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Get ready to take the ultimate disney villains quiz!. Whether it’s fantasia or frozen, disney has captured the hearts and minds of millions of small (and big!) kids alike. How well do you know your disney villains?