none Answers for Levels 41-50

None* Level 41 (Red 1 Yellow 2 Green 3 Bron 4 Blues Pink6 Black 7 I Love This Game): Snooker
None* Level 42 (Before You Continue Read This Text First Its Very Important But 1 Guess You Know That Is Hard To Read This Text The Right Way): Bright
None* Level 43 (J F M A M J J A S O N _ O T T F F S S E N _ M T W T F S): DTS
None* Level 44 (14 February – Valets): Nine
None* Level 45 (Up 384 403 Down 20000): Julesverne
None* Level 46 (Now The Hungry Lion Roars And The Wolf Behowls The Moon Whilst The Heavy Ploughman Snores): Wisdom
None* Level 47 (Avles Al Ed Yer): Lion
None* Level 48 (XXI VII MCMLXIX): Moonlanding or Moon
None* Level 49 (NY 3,14): Applepie
None* Level 50 (oooOoooo): Mars