94 Percent Answers Level 61:
Shades of Blue:
* Sky, Navy, Baby, Turquoise, Aqua, Royal, Teal
Means of Communication:
* Call, Text, Email, Talking, Letter, Sign Language
Picture Description:
* Building, House, Tree, Brick

94 Percent Answers Level 62:
Sports Played Without a Ball:
* Track, Swimming, Hockey, Badminton, Gymnastics, Boxing
Something You Can Open:
* Can, Door, Bottle, Box, Window, Mouth, Book, Fridge
Picture Description:
* Ice, Penguins, Cold, Water, Antarctica

94 Percent Answers Level 63:
Something That Foams:
* Soap, Sea, Soda, Shaving Cream, Beer, Toothpaste
The Circus:
* Clown, Elephant, Lion, Acrobat, Tent, Tightrope, Trapeze
Picture Description:
* Beaver, Water, wood, Dam

94 Percent Answers Level 64:
Children Still Believe In It:
* Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Monsters, Fairy Tales, Magic
There are a lot in France:
* Bread, Wines, Tourist, Cheeses, Snails, Croissants
Picture Description:
* Ring, Marriage, Diamonds, Wedding, Love

94 Percent Answers Level 65:
things found in a tube:
* Toothpaste, Lotion, Water, Air, Glue, Lipstick, Candy
A… table:
* Dinner, Coffee, Round, Pool, Kitchen, End, Picnic
Picture Description:
* Luck, Horseshoe, Horse, Clover, Ireland

94 Percent Answers Level 66:
* It rolls:
Ball, Wheel, Rock, Dice, Rolling pin, Marble
* Parts of a horse:
Tail, Mane, Hoof, Legs, Nose, Ears, Eyes, Teeth, Back
* Picture Description:
Sauna, Hot, Steam, Rocks, Spa

94 Percent Answers Level 67:
* A ball of:
Yarn, Rubber bands, Hair, Fun, Cheese, Snow
* A personal flaw:
Mean, Rude, Arrogant, Selfish Annoying, Dishonest,Jealous, Lazy
* Picture Description:
Movie, Popcorn, Comedy, Cinema, Friends

94 Percent Answers Level 68:
* A box of:
Chocolates, Toys, Shoes, Clothes, Cereal, Books, Tissues
* Fruit that doesn’t grow on trees:
Strawberries, Grapes, Watermelons, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Pineapples, Raspberries
* Picture Description:
Bike, Sunset, Woman, Leather

94 Percent Answers Level 69:
* Fattering food:
Chips, Burger, Cake, Pizza, Chocolate, Candy, Ice cream
* Christmas:
Presents, Tree, Santa, Family, Jesus, Lights, Food, Reindeer
* Picture Description:
Microphone, Interview, Media, News

94 Percent Answers Level 70:
Things at the fair:
* Rides, Games, Cotton Candy, Animals, Funnel Cakes, Prizes, Popcorn, Tickets
Excuse for being late:
* Slept in, Traffic, Car broke down, Missed the bus, Sick, Kids
Picture Description:
* Pilot, Plane, Controls, Cockpit

94 Percent Cheats – answers Level 71:
* Something crunchy:
Chips, Cereal, Crackers, Apples, Nuts, Carrots
* Types of fabric:
Cotton, Silk, Wool, Polyester, Leather, Satin, Nylon, Velvet, Denim,
* Picture Description:
Button, Push, Red, Finger

94 Percent Cheats – answers Level 72:
* Something that melts:
Ice, Ice cream, Chocolate, Snow, Butter, Cheese
* First thing you do when you get home from work:
Eat, Sleep, Change Clothes, Shower, Watch TV, Take off Shoes
* Picture Description:
Desert, Footprints, Sand, Hot

94 Percent Cheats – answers Level 73:
* You eat it raw:
Vegetables, Fruit, Sushi, Cookie dough, Eggs
* It stings:
Bee, Cut, Mosquito, Jellyfish, Burn, Scorpion, Needle
* Picture Description:
Perfume, Smell, Flower, Bottle, Women

94 Percent Cheats – answers Level 74:
* Very slow animals:
Turtle, Snail, Sloth, Slug, Koala
* Something you need on a desert island:
Food, Water, Shelter, Friend, Phone, Clothes, Fire, Boat, Knife
* Picture Description:
Clown, Balloons, Scary, Colorful, Party

94 Percent Cheats – answers Level 75:
* Shades of yellow:
Sun, Lemon, Bright, Gold, Neon, Mustard
* Means of transportation:
Car, Bus, Train, Plane, Bike, Boat
* Picture Description:
Hike, Mountains, River, Walk, Trail

94 Percent Cheats – answers Level 76:
Something you miss when on vacation:
Family, Home, Pet, Bed, Work
Three letter animals:
Cat, Dog, Pig, Cow, Rat, Bat, Ant, Bee, Fox
Watching airplane take off picture:
Plane, Airport, Suitcase, Travel, Waiting

94 Percent Cheats – answers Level 77:
* School supplies:
Pencils, Pens, Books, Paper, Rulers, Erasers, Binders, Calculators
* Things that light up:
Lights, Phone, Sun, Fire, Christmas tree, Eyes, Fireworks,Candle
* Picnic basket picture:
Picnic, Wine, Grapes, Basket

94 Percent Cheats – answers Level 78:
* Something you eat in one bite:
Candy, Chip, Cookie, Grape, Chocolate, Cracker, Fries, Popcorn, Sushi
* Something you never run out of at home:
Water, Food, Toilet paper, Electricity, Clothes, Milk
* Earth and 3 green arrows:
Recycle, Earth, Green, Arrows

94 Percent Cheats – answers Level 79:
* Something found in the bathroom:
Toilet, Shower, Toothbrush, Sink, Soap, Bath, Towel, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Toilet paper
* Boys names ending in L:
Bill, Daniel, Michael, Carl, Will, Paul, Joel, Phil
* Space and satellite picture:
Space, Satellite, Earth, Clouds, Orbit

94 Percent Cheats – answers Level 80:
* Something you smash:
Glass, Potato, Window, Car, Pumpkin, Can, Bug, Watermelon
* it’s bitter:
Lemon, Lime, Beer, Coffee, Dark chocolate, Grapefruit
* house farm and mountain picture:
House, Animal, Mountain, Farm, Grass