94 Percent Answers Level 21:
Sounds Animals Make?
* Woof, Moo, Meow, Baa, Oink.
It’s Good Cooked but not Raw?
* Vegetables, Rice, Pasta, Eggs, Meat, Fish.
Picture Description (Bee):
* Bee, Pollen, Flower, Honey, Purple, Spring.

94 Percent Answers Level 22:
Types Of Music?
* Rock, Pop, Rap, Country, Jazz, Classical, Dance, Reggae.
Things Used By A Police Officer?
* Gun, Handcuffs, Car, Baton, Taser, Badge, Flashlight, Radio.
Picture Description (Notebook and mouse at the table):
* Laptop, Glasses, Work, Office, Mouse

94 Percent Answers Level 23:
It Produces Heat?
* Oven, Sun, Fire, Heater, Lamp, Body.
Something You Can No Longer Live Without?
* Food, Phone, Water, Family, Love, Air, Internet, Friends.
Picture Description:
* Warm, Winter, Coffee, Tea, Cup.

94 Percent Answers Level 24:
It’s Useful For The Elderly?
* Cane, Wheelchair, Glasses, Love, Hearing Aid, Dentures, Medicine.
Noise Heard In A City?
* Cars, People, Sirens, Trains, Barking, Construction, Music.
Picture Description:
* Jellyfish, Ocean, Sting, Orange, Tentacles.

94 Percent Answers Level 25:
Something found in the living room?
* Sofa, Table, TV, Lamp, Carpet.
Payment Methods?
* Credit, Card, Check, PayPal, Cash, Wire.
Picture Description (Picnic):
* Family, Fun, Food, Friends, Picnic.

94 Percent Answers Level 26:
Countries in South America?
* Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay.
It’s Slow?
* Turtle, Traffic, Computer, Snail, Sloth.
Picture Description (Logs):
* Wood, Tree, Log, Deforestation, Forest, Fog.

94 Percent Answers Level 27:
Green Vegetables?
* Peas, Beans, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cucumber, Spinach, Peppers, Asparagus, Cabbage.
It’s Forbidden on a Plane?
* Shouting, Weapons, Smoking, Lighter.
Picture Description (VolksWagen, Van at beach):
* Van, Vacation, Summer, Beach, Hippie, Palm, Trees.

94 Percent Answers Level 28:
Parts of an airplane?
* Wing, Engine, Cockpit, Tail, Landing Gear, Seats, Nose, Window.
Something you do before you go to bed?
* Brush, Teeth, Shower, Pajamas, Pee, TV, Brush, Hair, Read.
Picture Description (Cactus):
* Cactus, Desert, Hot, Dry, Mountain.

94 Percent Answers Level 29:
It Smells Good?
* Food, Perfume, Flower, Soap, Candle, Clean Laundry
* Friends, Photos, Social, Status, Messenger, Like, Blue, Share, Wall.
Picture Description (Old Records):
* Record, Music, Old, Needle, Player, Spin.

94 Percent Answers Level 30:
* Tent, Fire, Marshmallows, Outdoors, Sleeping Bag, Family , Friends.
It Makes You Feel Better When You Are Sick?
* Medicine, Sleep, Soup, Love, Drink, Warmth.
Picture Description (Jesus statue):
* Jesus, Rio, Statue, Brazil.

94 Percent Level 31 answers:
A Good Place To Party?
* House, Club, Beach, Bar, Pool, Park.
* Teeth, Pain, Filling, Drill, Clean, Braces, Chair.
Picture Description (Child With Airplane Toy):
* Plane, Sky, Dream, Child, Fly.

Answers 94 Percent Level 32:
People Collect Them?
* Coins, Stamps, Cards, Books, Cars, Rocks, Dolls.
Pregnant Woman?
* Baby, Parent, Belly, Birth, Craving, Hormonal, Glowing.
Picture Description (Pills):
* Medicine, Sick, Pain, Doctor.

Answers 94 Percent Level 33:
Equipment Used By Indiana Jones?
* Whip, Hat, Gun, Knife, Bag, Boots, Torch, Map.
It Brings Bad Luck?
* Black Cat, Ladder, Mirror, Umbrella, Salt, Friday 13Th.
Picture Description (Matches Burn):
* Fire, Match, Burn, Flame, Hot.

Answers 94 Percent Level 34:
* Directions, Car, Map, Travel, Navigation, Satellite, Lost.
* Whiskers, Purr, Meow, Fur, Mouse, Dog, Kitten, Claws.
Picture Description (Eggs):
* Brown, Egg, Chicken, Three, Breakfast, Shell, Oval.

Answers 94 Percent Level 35:
* Addition, Subtraction, Algebra, Multiplication, Division, Hard, Numbers, School.
* Popcorn, Cinema, Comedy, Action, Horror, Actor, Film.
Picture Description (Mexican Hat):
* Hat, Mexico, Gold, Fiesta, Sun.

94 % Answers Level 36:
Something You Use Every Day?
* Toilet, Car, Clothes, Water, Bed, Brush, Hair, Computer.
Wind Instruments?
* Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone, Oboe, Trombone, Tuba, Harmonica.
Picture Description (Factory)?
* Factory, Fire, Pollution, Industrial, Power, Plant, Oil.

94 % Answers Level 37:
Something Used For Cooking?
* Pan, Oven, Pot, Spoon, Spatula, Stove, Knife, Bowl.
* Necklace, Ring, Bracelet, Earrings, Diamond, Watch.
Picture Description (Bulls And Land Rover Picture):
* Animals, Safari, Car, Africa, Bull, Herd.

94 % Answers Level 38:
You Can’t Buy It?
* Love, Happiness, Health, Friendship, Family, Time.
Species Of Fish?
* Salmon, Bass, Trout, Clown, Catfish, Tuna, Goldfish, Cod, Shark, Flounder.
Picture Description (Kids With Binoculars):
* Safari, Binoculars, Children, Exploring, Africa, Bird, Watching.

94 % Answers Level 39:
* Cards, Money, Gambling, Chips, Aces, Face, Game, Bluff, Table.
It’S Good For You, But You Don’T Like It?
* Vegetables, Exercise, Water, Fruit, Medicine, Work.
Picture Description (Beehive):
* Honey, Bee, Hive, Honeycomb.

94 % Answers Level 40:
You Eat With Bread?
* Butter, Jam, Soup, Cheese, Peanut,-Butter, Meat.
Something You Do While On The Phone?
* Talk, Text, Games, Facebook, Walk, Eat, Music.
Picture Description (Japan House & Lake):
* Asia Peace Beautiful Water Temple